Essex County Emergency Plumbing & Heating Services

Peace of mind emergency plumbing and heating service in Essex County.

The thought of water quickly filling your basement or saturating your walls and carpets are troubling for any homeowner. In a very short time, your valuables and family heirlooms can be ruined, with a huge amount of water damage to the structure of your home. Luckily, residents of Essex County, NJ can count on All Clear Plumbing as their go-to 24-hour plumbing company.

Your heating system can also be affected by an emergency, which is why we offer emergency furnace repair and heating services to keep your home running smoothly. All it takes is one call and one of our experts will be on the way to take control of the situation and put your mind at ease.

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Risks of a Plumbing Emergency

When you have a plumbing emergency in your home such as a burst pipe, the consequences can be quite serious. Not only do you have to worry about immediate water damage, but also the possibility of mold after the fact is also very real. In the case of a gas line emergency, the lives of you and your family could be at stake.

How Heating Emergencies Affect Your Home

Just like plumbing emergencies, heating emergencies can cause a lot of stress and damage. A broken furnace in the middle of a cold winter night could result in more than just shivering and discomfort. Your pipes could end up freezing, causing them to burst, making the problem even worse. And if it’s the pilot light that has the issue, the risk of carbon monoxide to jeopardize everyone’s health.

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What to Look for in a 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing & Heating Service

Whether you need 24-hour heating repair or 24-hour plumbing service, the experts at All Clear Plumbing have you covered. We have been operating since 1952, and in that time have serviced thousands of residents in the Essex County area. We offer a 100% Workmanship Guarantee and will always provide a free estimate, so you know what to expect when the bill arrives.

There’s no reason to let an emergency cause serious damage to your home. Whether you need emergency plumbing service or emergency heating repair in your Essex County, NJ home, call us at 973-450-8660 today.