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Tips to Help You Clean Up Summer Debris

Take A Deep Breath

Have you ever realized how much debris is left behind at the end of the summer? It’s a wonderful time of year filled with lots of barbecues, outdoor events, and gardening, but between all of these activities and the extra pollen, it can really take a toll on your home and yard.

What’s worse, it can have a negative impact on your home’s air quality. Given some of the debris that’s left behind after summer, it’s always a good idea to do some cleanup in the fall to work to clean your home’s air. Today we’ll talk about a few easy things you can do to get rid of summer debris and to ensure that you have clean air.

Check Your Air Filters

airfiltersThe summer season can be tough on air filters – with the grill going, lots of people in and out of your home, extra strain on your heating and AC unit and more pollen in the air, your air filters can get dirty very quickly.

While it’s always important to check and replace air filters, it’s even more important to stay on top of this maintenance during and immediately after summer. During the summer months, you’ll want to check your air filters at least once a month and replace them whenever dirty.

And now, with summer behind you, it’s a good idea to go ahead and check and replace your filters. Having clean air filters ensures that they work properly to stop allergens, particles, and pollutants from getting into your home’s air supply. Keeping these in good condition is one easy way to help ensure that you have clean air.

Prioritize Using Non-toxic Chemicals

nontoxicchemicalsNow that school is back in session and summer parties, fun and activities are over, it’s the time of year that many homeowners work to give their home a deep clean.

This is a good way to clear it of much of the dirt and debris that has accumulated over the summer. However, when you do this, be thoughtful about the cleaning products that you’re using. Some products are full of chemicals that can severely impact your home’s air quality.

Obviously, by cleaning you’re seeking to improve the indoor air quality, so try to use non-toxic cleaners whenever you can. Vinegar and water, tea tree oils and baking soda all make effective and safe cleaners. This fall, rather than filling your home with toxic chemicals, try to clean with all-natural substances to make your air a little cleaner and your home a little safer.

Check For Gas Leaks

checkforgasleaksAs you work to clean up your yard and home this fall, take a moment to make sure that all gas lines are working properly and are in good condition.

Gas leaks can present a variety of health and safety hazards, so it’s important that you locate any leaks as soon as possible. Adding a quick inspection of gas lines to your fall to-do list is an easy way to make sure that you don’t overlook this and that you are aware of any problems as soon as possible.

Best of luck cleaning up any lingering summer debris! If you have any questions or concerns about your home’s air quality, call All Clear Plumbing today at (973) 450-8660.