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How to Easily Remove Hard Water Stains

How many times have you paid for a plumbing problem only to search on Google the next day to find one little piece of advice that could have saved you hundreds? Companies want their businesses to thrive and in order to do that, customers must keep paying for their services. At All Clear Plumbing, we



5 Bad Toilet Habits You Didn’t Know About

Every industry is plagued with misinformation, rumors, and myths. The plumbing industry is no different. Your mother probably told you that your garbage disposal can handle any amount of food as long as it is washed down with hot water. Unfortunately, this is actually false: garbage disposals are meant for table scraps while running cold



Learning The Secret Story of Heating Systems

No, modern-day heating systems haven’t been around for centuries, but our ancestors were quite innovative when it came to keeping warm or cool. Looking at history, you will see cave dwellers used geothermal heating by digging holes in the earth and that ancient Egyptians used wet reeds hung in windows to cool the breeze. In